Dolphin Meditation Love – Life After Breath binäre optionen demokonto broker “The Dolphin Meditation took me on a journey of freedom. Swimming with the dolphin was very peaceful as I was heading deeper into the ocean. It seemed like the deeper I went brought breakthroughs in personal areas of my life. This was my gift – to understand what was holding me back from achieving happiness and peace. The meditation was very peaceful and safe feeling for me. When it was time to head back up and surface, I was not ready to surface. But now that I have resurfaced, I have taken steps to experience life to the fullest and to love. Breathing, meditation, introspection and instruction from Marlo through the Dolphin Meditation have allowed me to experience love in many areas of my life. Now to take it to the next level…”
— C.G., Atlanta, GA

go site Dolphin Meditation “I completed the Dolphin Meditation class with Marlo in November. I found it to be a great experience. Marlo is a phenomenal coach and facilitator, guiding you through each phase. I am excited about the next class to experience an even greater level of consciousness”
— E.H., Lilburn, GA

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köpa Viagra utan recept “My gift during a Dolphin Meditation was a starfish, and it was just what I needed. It showed me that I truly could trust my instincts, intuition and inner knowingness; trust myself, people in my life, and certainly God; and trust that doing things in my own way and following my own path are right for me. What an amazing blessing I received, and all because I breathed like I had never breathed before, meditated with an incredible group of people, and swam with the dolphin. Thank you, Marlo. You are a constant gift.”
— L.J., Decatur, GA Dolphin Meditation

follow “The Dolphin Meditation helped me to fully appreciate my ancestors and others who love and support me, especially during the session where I saw each face of my family members and friends who transitioned to the other side, waving and cheering me on to success. It was such an awesome awakening to realize I had the Love and Energy of all these awesome individuals. It was so real that I began to cry tears of sincere happiness and joy. I knew I was going in the right direction with my life. As a result, my life has taken on a much grander journey with assurance that everything will be ALRIGHT! It’s been incredible to see how events are unfolding in my life. I thank Marlo for the compassion she demonstrated in the meditation. I have taken the meditation a second time with the same results. My Life is simply incredible!”
— S.R., Austell, GA

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enter site “The Dolphin Meditation for me was a mercy at the exact time when I desired to go deeper into the levels of my subconscious. As a Spiritual/Transpersonal Psychologist, I am always on the journey of becoming more authentic. Being in the safe environment that you created with your energy allowed me to do just that. I felt one with the dolphin and was able to release a lot of energy that was no longer serving me. I thank you for your awareness of each individual’s experience and your ability to help facilitate the journey. My life, I know, has continued to open to other levels as a result of this meditation. And trust me, I know and do many. I have recommended this to my friends and clients, not only because of the spiritual benefits I witnessed for myself that it encompasses, but also for the blessing and love that you bring to it. May you forever be Blessed.”
— Dr. Adrienne A. Sabir-Hudson, Atlanta, GA

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“Since taking your Dolphin Meditation workshop, I have had a 200+% in the healing energy in my hands. I am more forthcoming in using this energy when I encounter someone who may require my assistance. I feel more confident in my healing abilities and the benefits for the person receiving the healing… I feel that my life has changed and is still changing and I know it is God working through me to help others and myself. Thank you for all that you do and how you do it.”
— B. Wiggins, Atlanta, GA

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